The Real James Bond…Was Dominican

“The Real James Bond was Dominican…presents us with a deeply personal narrative built on personal experience and self-reflection”

Teresa Marrero for Theater Jones

What happens when a James Bond-obsessed Dominican boy in Queens (who won’t go anywhere without his nerf gun), finds out that the real James Bond was Dominican? 

This is a true story about Porfirio Rubirosa, Ian Fleming’s inspiration for Bond; and a young Dominican actor-to-be – whose discovery of “Rubi” shakes his very foundation. Set to a live percussion score and immersive projections, The Real James Bond…Was Dominican is a young man’s guide to love, sex, color, code-switching, white-washing, success, fake-it-till-you-make-it, and the roller coaster of finding one’s true self.

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Production Credits

Writer/Performer: Christopher Rivas

Developed with and Directed by: Daniel Banks (DNAWORKS)

Score & Percussion: Wilson Torres

Projection Design: Alexandra Kelly Colburn & Kate Freer

Lighting Design: Driscoll Otto

Production History

Workshops at Hi-Arts and HERE Arts Center 2018, NYC

National Hispanic Cultural Center 2019, Albuquerque

Bishop Arts Center 2019, Dallas

Geva Theatre Center 2021, Rochester

Culture Shock Miami 2022

University of Southern California Visions and Voices 2022, Los Angeles

ASU’s Kerr Cultural Center 2022, Scottsdale

Photo credit: Laura Bustillos Jáquez (Featured Image)

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