Ocean Filibuster

“…an immersive musical theater experience that does more than entrance — it jars our consciences about what is happening to our environment.”

Mark Faverman For The Arts Fuse

Ocean Filibuster puts audiences in the middle of a human/ocean showdown. A single performer – Jennifer Kidwell – plays both Mr. Majority, leader of a future global senate, proposing a bill to end the ocean as we know it; and O, the ocean, who rushes the senate to defend itself. O’s filibuster includes songs, spells, stand-up, and giant video projections of its inner life. With a pop-techno score by Sxip Shirey and video landscapes by Tal Yarden and Stivo Arnoczy, Ocean Filibuster implores that humans accept that they ARE the ocean, before it is too late. Commissioned and developed by the American Repertory Theater, with support from the Harvard University Center for the Environment. Ocean Filibuster includes an interactive intermission, where the Ocean invites the audience to explore its systems through different interactive modalities. These “mini-labs” allow the audience to go deeper into the ocean and into hyper-local environmental issues important to their community.

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Production Credits

Creators: PearlDamour—Katie Pearl & Lisa D’Amour

Collaborators: Jian Jung, Jeff Becker, & Nate Lemoine (Scenic), Tal Yarden & Stivo Arnoczy (Projection), Sxip Shirey (Compositions), Andrew Lynch and Sxip Shirey (Sound), Olivera Gajic (Costumes), Thomas Dunn (Lighting), Lisa McGinn (Stage Management), Carly Levin (Production Management), and Marina Zurkow & Rosane Chamecki (Animation and Motion Graphics)

Production History

Premiere February 2022, American Repertory Theater

Touring Premiere March 2022, University of Houston’s Mitchell Center for the Arts

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