“Peterson, the creator, is one of a very few artists with the intellectual chops to take on a subject as complex as climate change. She does it more than justice — expanding the frame of reference to geological time, leaving politics behind to speculate on humanity’s failure to deal with an existential threat”

Tom Phillips, The Dance Enthusiast

Interglacial is a new multidisciplinary dance work through which Laura Peterson explores the urgent topic of global climate emergency. Inspired by minimalist geometric art and Land Art of the 1960s and ‘70s, Interglacial is a dance and visual art installation project about deep time and the dynamics of nature. It creates a space for reflection on human impacts on the Arctic region of the earth and to encourage climate activism. In the piece, four dancers transform an icy landscape into 12-foot sculptures evoking a terrain inhabited and ultimately overwhelmed by cleaving glaciers.

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Production History

World Premiere 2021, Dixon Place NYC

Hillsborough College February 2022, Tampa

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